Plaza Blanca

New Mexico was a trip of many hikes for us. Plaza Blanca is another such hike. Geologically, this area is similar to many of the badlands in New Mexico, covered by ash of surrounding volcanic eruption and eroded away by the forces of wind and water to produce rock formations that imitate the look of majestic temples and obelisks. Plaza Blanca is located on private property but the owners allow for respectful hikers at the time of our visit (closed on weekends). It was a difficult to find the trailhead but the directions on their website, if followed properly, makes it easy. The Trail ends early, but we followed the dry streambed to go further into the rocks and even managed to get some aerial views. Follow streambeds at your own risk as there is danger of fatal flash floods as well as big drops from some areas.

Standing in front of white rocks in Plaza Blanca, NM
Standing in front of white rocks in Plaza Blanca, NM

Practical Information (as of April 2015):

Features: Explore a landscape of eroded volcanic tuff forming rocks that imitate majestic ancient temples
Fee: Free
Website: Plaza Blanca