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Snow Canyon SP, Utah

Published:2021-04-22 18:30:03

Also located in the vicinity of St. George is Snow Canyon State Park. Despite its namesake, Snow Canyon State Park seldom receives snow. The park was named after prominent Utah leaders Lorenzo and Erastus Snow.

Red Cliffs NRC, Utah

Published:2021-03-24 16:40:01

Located just outside of the city of St. George, Red Cliffs National Recreation Area, is an easy getaway from Las Vegas. The road in consists of going under a bridge on a single lane road, which warns against use by tall vehicles. We spent two nights camping at Red Cliff NRC.

The Rogue River, OR

Published:2021-02-11 14:25:16

The Rogue River starts as a spring on the west side of Crater Lake at about 5300 feet. It flows 215 miles into the Pacific Ocean, emptying into the ocean at Gold Beach, Oregon. On its way, it cuts gorges through much of the lava beds and lava tubes formed from past volcanic eruptions. One such feature is Natural Bridge, where the raging Rogue River disappears underground into a lava tube, only to reappear 250 feet downstream.