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Red Cliffs NRC, Utah

Published:2021-03-24 16:40:01

Located just outside of the city of St. George, Red Cliffs National Recreation Area, is an easy getaway from Las Vegas. The road in consists of going under a bridge on a single lane road, which warns against use by tall vehicles. We spent two nights camping at Red Cliff NRC. The campground shared a common area with the day use area. Arriving on a Monday morning at the end of December, we managed to find a spot tucked in a court fairly easily. Despite the freezing overnight temperatures, all campsites were taken by nightfall. Campground #7 looked like it was on its own in the corner, until we noticed a family standing on the red cliff just above us. Later we realized our campsite was just below a dinosaur track exhibit. Overnight temperatures were in the 20F's and it felt like it. We were serenaded to sleep by the howls of winds for most of the hours of the second night. The winds were so strong that it broke one of our tent poles, and knocked over/broke our kettle handle off the picnic table. In the morning, the winds died down making it perfect for a stroll. The hikes in this park are on the short side, but nevertheless interesting.

The Rogue River, OR

Published:2021-02-11 14:25:16

The Rogue River starts as a spring on the west side of Crater Lake at about 5300 feet. It flows 215 miles into the Pacific Ocean, emptying into the ocean at Gold Beach, Oregon. On its way, it cuts gorges through much of the lava beds and lava tubes formed from past volcanic eruptions. One such feature is Natural Bridge, where the raging Rogue River disappears underground into a lava tube, only to reappear 250 feet downstream.

Mount McLoughlin, OR

Published:2021-01-15 16:19:22

Part of the Cascade Range, Mount McLoughlin is the highest peak in Southern Oregon. A dormant volcano, Mount McLoughlin is a classic cone- shaped stratovolcano whose last eruption was about 30,000 years ago.