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Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is an interesting museum in the Bay Area with real mummies, both human and animals, and many casts of different Egyptian artifacts. Though not a huge Museum, it is a good introduction to the Egyptian culture, in my opinion. There is a replica of a tomb below the museum, and a free guided tour daily (included in admission ticket), explaining the different burial practices.  Note the unfinished portion of the painting on the tomb wall near the right - which was not uncommon.  Ancient Egyptians had to be buried at 70 days after death, never longer, so the painters likely had to stop their work before it was finished when the 70th day arrived.

Painting on the wall of the tomb

Painting on the wall of the tomb


A cast of the Rosetta Stone was also exhibited, with a 30 minute talk about it one Saturday a month. It was interesting to learn about the different written forms of the Egyptian language, and the story behind the Rosetta Stone. In addition to the Egyptian culture, there is a small exhibit on neighbouring cultures as well, including the Mesopotamians.

A copy of the Rosetta Stone

A copy of Rosetta Stone


The museum has a beautiful garden around it, a garden typical of a Pharaoh's garden at the time. There is a large game board of Senet in the garden, a favorite pastime of ancient Egyptians. A peace garden and a labyrinth round out for the experience. The boys enjoyed the garden, even organizing the elves for a game of Senet, while the adults relaxed under a palm tree. The entrance of the museum is decorated with huge white and blue pillars with the walkway adorned on both sides with small papyrus trees in blue pots. Papyrus was a very useful plant in ancient Egyptian culture, forming many different products, from paper to bags.

A big game of Senet in the gardens of the Museum

A big game of Senet in the gardens of the Museum


We purchased a family membership for $60 which included a free admission to the museum for an entire year for the whole family, and free participation in the Junior Archaeologist program which includes a night at the museum upon completion of all requirements (attendance of 5 different workshops, a tomb tour and an artifact quest worksheet).


Practical Information (as of July 2017):

Features: An interesting exhibit of ancient Egyptian culture, including mummies, Rosetta Stone, tomb tour

Fee: $9 adults, $5 kids ages 5-10

Website: Egyptian Museum

Address: 1660 Park Avenue, San Jose CA 95191

Hours: closed Mon and Tues

Parking: free and plentiful across the street from the garden


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