Nuremberg (Nurnberg), Bavaria, Germany



Before our visit to Nuremberg, when I thought of Nuremberg, the Nuremberg War Trials came to mind. But after our visit there, I will think of the many medieval bridges that criss-cross the city. We walked along the Pegnitz River slowly making our escape from the tourist area and crossed 8 or 9 medieval bridges, all uniquely decorated and with their own stories. Some bridges had apartments on top of them which people lived in. Nuremberg also boasted a town wall, with some parts of it being lived in by people. They too have re-purposed their moat, making skateboard parks and playgrounds in it.

In front of a Medieval Bridge, Nuremberg, Germany
Medieval Bridges in Nuremberg, Germany
Medieval Bridge in Nuremberg, Germany
Medieval Bridge in Nuremberg, Germany


Nuremberg has two old towns: St Lorenz and St. Sebald. St Lorenz has an old church by the same name. We didn't get a chance to explore St. Sebald but I hear there is a castle there to explore. There were also many old castle-looking buildings with courtyards, functioning as guest houses and apartments.  

Medieval Bridge in Nuremberg, Germany

Medieval Bridge in Nuremberg, Germany

Craftsman Village at Nuremberg, Germany

Craftsman Village at Nuremberg, Germany


Along the river, there is an island that periodically hosts festivals. When we were there, there was a summer festival being held with white sand, palm trees and water bars (where you need to get into a pool to buy drinks). In the tourist area, there are many riverside restaurants, shops and gelatorias. There are also many cafes along the way selling pastries and Nurnberg Brats. Near the entrance of the town there is a Craftsman village that sell wooden puppets among other things (but not at the best price.) Our trip to Nuremberg was not a planned one, so we missed out on a few attractions, I’m sure. For what we did see on our short visit there, we enjoyed the city and its architecture. If you plan to go to Nuremberg, I would recommend doing research into its history and interesting sights to see.


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