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Our hike to the top of the second highest peak in Lake Tahoe was one alongside many blooming wildflowers. The first 2.5 miles was fairly flat. The trail was mostly clear with short sections over icy snow that had not yet melted. A waterfall greeted us at the end of the first 2.5 miles.

Snow Crossing

Snow Crossing along trail


The last 2.5 miles was where all the elevation gain occurred. About 2500 feet elevation gain in the next 2.5 miles forced us to take many breaks to enjoy the colorful wildflowers along the way. That and my loudly protesting son. He does not like elevation gains and he made it known.

Wildflowers along the way

Wildflowers along the way 

There were a few more stream and snow crossings, but eventually the trees and flowers gave way to small shrubs, then moss and lichens.  When we finally made it to the top, the view of Lake Tahoe in the distance was not as beautiful and crisp as I had hoped. It was a hazy day (due to a wildfire burning further south).


The view from atop Mt. Rose on a hazy day

The view from atop Mt. Rose on a hazy day


Our entire hike was about 11 miles roundtrip. We started our hike at around 11am. There was a large parking lot, though was completely full as were the decent parking lots along the road. We had to park on the slanted side of the packed gravel shoulder, which worried me during our hike. Our low clearance 2WD sedan is not known for great maneuvering. Luckily, my husband was right, and we made it out of the spot safely and without the need for a tow truck.


Practical Information (as of August 2017):

Our hike: 11 miles rt, about 2500 ft elevation gain, most elevation gain in the second half of the hike there. So 2500 ft elevation gain in 2.5 miles

Features: walk among wildflowers (seasonal) to a changing hillside landscape, past a waterfall and onto the summit of Lake Tahoe's second tallest mountain

Amenities: at trailhead, large parking lot, though it does get full

Fee: free


Warning:  All listed adventures come with inherent risks. The information provided is based on personal experience which may or may not be typical. The safety of these adventures are dependent on a variety of factors including but not limited to: terrain, weather, wildlife, hiker skill level, human error, preparation and other foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. As such, we do not assume any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.  As such, we will not be held responsible for any harm, injury, and/or loss that may result. Your personal preparation and judgement on the safety of each adventure is required at all times. Please use your own discretion and always be safe.

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