Garrapata State Park, Big Sur, California



Our hike at Garrapata Beach started just south of Sobranes Point. We walked along the path towards the coast. There were beautiful blooming yellow and orange wildflowers along the way. As we reached the coast we saw some purple and white flowering succulents. We followed the path along the coast which eventually went towards the little hill, then over a foot bridge. The trail continued past the bridge but ended soon after.

Garrapata Beach, CA
Garrapata Beach, CA

Garrapata Beach, CA

Garrapata Beach, Big Sur, California, USA


We had wanted to walk all the way to the calla lily canyon, but found ourselves up against an overgrown trail. At that point, we made the decision to drive a little further south until I spotted the elusive calla lilies. We pulled into the next parking area, marked as Garrapata State Park. We headed down the short wheelchair non-accessible trail, then stairs down towards the beach. It was not a huge beach, but a fairly quiet one, with only a handful of groups of people enjoying the beach. We headed north towards the small creek flowing from the mountains. The boys started their moat building project in the sand, as I wandered into the little valley filled with calla lilies. Unfortunately, I was not alone, they were a few before me who took their time taking pictures. In fact, I tried to get a picture without others in it for about an hour (while the boys progressed on their sand moat building project), to no avail. I suppose this means I will have to come back for a return visit.

Garrapata Beach, CA

Garrapata Beach, CA

Garrapata Beach, Big Sur, California


Our walk back was uneventful until my oldest son found a tick crawling on his pants when he got into the car. This is the second time this year we had found a tick crawling on our clothing. Prior to this, we had never encountered a tick. I hope this doesn't mean that ticks are somehow attracted to us now.


Practical Information (as of May 2018):

Directions:  Along Hwy 1 south of Carmel, south of Point Lobos State Park, near Sobranes Point. Calla Lily Valley can be reached by parking at spot marked Garrapata State park, a little bit south of Sobranes Point

Features: blooming wildflowers, views of rugged coastline

Hike: as far or as close as you'd like

Website: Garrapata State Park

Fee: free


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