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Not far from University of California, Berkeley lies a trailhead at the end of an unassuming residential street.  A quick walk, about a half mile up the Stonewall-Panoramic trail, you’ll find a spot that overlooks the entire central part of the San Francisco Bay.  Views of the Bay Bridge going through Treasure Island, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz in the distance and the McCarthy Bridge made this spot a popular hike on the sunny Saturday April afternoon we enjoyed our 3 mile hike. There were many that stopped along this trail to enjoy the view. 

San Francisco Bay Area View from Claremont Preserve

Views of Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island in the distance, from Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve, Berkeley, CA

View of San Francisco Bay from Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve, Berkeley, CA

View of the Bay through the lupines from Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve


To get to the view, it was an uphill walk through a eucalyptus grove, and that incline continues past the first view point on the trail. The incline probably continues for about 0.8 miles before it levels out under the shade of evergreens.  All the way up the incline, that panoramic view of the Bay stood before us.  Along the way, we were greeted by a beautiful cacti garden, courtesy of one of the neighbors of the preserve. 

Evergreens that greeted us at the end of the incline

Evergreens that greeted us at the end of the incline


Claremont Canyon was an important site for transportation and communication in the past.  It was the site of a transcontinental telegraph line linking the East and West coasts in the 1850s.  Claremont Canyon was also a main roadway for horse and wagon traffic between Oakland and Contra Costa County in the 1860s.  Prior to that, Claremont Canyon was used as a thoroughfare that connected the Huchiun Ohlone tribe to the eastern valleys.  

Walking the trail downhill, with views of the Bay unfolding before us

Walking the trail downhill, with views of the Bay unfolding before us


We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the Oakland Hills that Saturday afternoon, after enjoying the shops and restaurants on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley.  I imagine Claremont Canyon Preserve's viewpoint is a popular place around sunset.


Practical Information (as of April 2016):

GPS of trailhead:  37°51'45.8"N 122°14'38.9"W (Trailhead is about 1/3 way up Stonewall Rd, Berkeley)

Features:  Views of the Bay including Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Bay Bridge

Terrain:  Uphill, then downhill. Wear shoes with good grip.  Walking stick might help.

Parking:  no parking lot available, some street parking available on Stonewall Rd

Hike Distance:  Stonewall-Panoramic Trail ~3miles round trip

Dogs:  We saw many dogs along the trail, website indicates no dog fee                                        

Website:  Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve


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