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Quirks and Perks of France

Quirks and Perks of France:


Saving Time and Money in France

Saving on Time and Money in France:

Baguette lunches: Between driving 6600 km in 3 weeks and hiking where shops don't shine, our lunches tended to be on-the-go. A couple of baguettes, ranging in cost at 0.48 EU to 1.10 EU with soft creamy cheeses of 1.10 EU to 3.50 EU (Camembert, Brie, Chevre, Roquefort etc), and/or a spread (ham, duck pates, sausages, pepper, aubergine spreads) made for quick lunches. Burgundy raisins went well on top of the baguette and cheese. We carried along with us an insulated bag that we got for $1 purchased back home to keep cold our cheeses when placed with a frozen bottle of water. We gladly consumed the cold water afterwards.

Family Travel Budget Tips

In order to travel often, we try to keep costs as low as possible while trying not to miss out on worthwhile experiences. We travel on weeklong holidays as a family about 3 to 4 times a year.  Our typical trip nowadays usually involves a destination within United States for a week totaling $1000 or less for accommodations, flights and car rental for our family of five. Here are some methods we use to achieve a low cost but awesome travel experience.

Budget Friendly Tips - New Mexico

Trip TOTAL:  Our trip to New Mexico came out to be one of the least expensive we have had thus far, grand totaling at just under $700 for a whole week of exploration for our family of five (includes flight, hotel and rental car)

Lessons Learned - Italy

We learned a few lessons along the way, usually the hard way.  Hopefully it will help you have a better travel experience.