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Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, Oakland, California, USA

Not too far from the University of California, Berkeley is Sibley Volcanic Preserve.  This Preserve in the Oakland Hills features Round Top, a peak consisting of lava and volcanic debris left over from an ancient 10 million year old volcano.
Running freely in Sibley's open space at sunset
Roaming freely in Sibley's open space at sunset


Austin, Texas, USA

Our first stop in Austin was the Westcave Preserve. We went on the canyon tour (available on weekends only - $25/family). An informative guide took us down to the box canyon, grotto and cave. The small cave contained stalagtites and stalagmites, which eventually join together to form columns and walls. We went for the 10am tour on a cool day (50F) so our family had a private tour. The tour group after us was 16 people large. We were told by the guide that on warmer days, pit vipers do make an appearance. The tour took 1.5 hours for a 1 mile return trip. We also did the 1 mile Uplands hike up above which was included in the $25 fee. The Uplands tour was nothing to write home about, except that it gave us an idea of what central Texas grasslands look like, which we always appreciate.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Off-Strip Attractions and Hiking

Most of us think of Las Vegas as a place for adults to party and gamble. While that may still be true, Las Vegas has something to offer to families with kids as well.  Since we have relatives in Las Vegas, my family (kids and all) go there at least once a year. We have been visiting Las Vegas even before our relatives moved there - for the sunshine. What did we do in Las Vegas to enjoy the sun?

Lake Constance, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Lake Constance or Bodensee, by its German name, is the third largest central European lake that lies in 3 different countries (Switzerland, Germany and Austria), though no official border exists. The River Rhine flows into it. It is the source of drinking water for its surrounding area. Lake Constance offers boat rides for an economical price to its islands and shores. It is a popular (read busy) for German families on vacation, as we found out.



Overlooking the city of Salzburg is a fortress called Hohensalzburg. Its building began in the 1000s, although back then it very much looked like a farmhouse with fencing. As the years passed, and its function change, it began taking on a fortress appearance. Don't miss the audio guide included with the tickets, we found it very informative.  We found some stairs that climbed up to the fortress.  It was a nice way to see this part of Salzburg, as we passed by countless gelato shops, peoples' open windows and balconies, on a cobblestone path up to the fortress.