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Glass Beach, Sinkholes and Bowling Ball Beach, Mendocino County, California

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

We visited Glass Beach in Fort Bragg after I saw some very convincing pictures of pebbles of curved glass on the beach. I had also read that the amount of glass on the beach was significantly less than what it was 30 years ago.  Though I was half-hearted about the way it began,  I thought Glass Beach was worth a stop on our trip to the northern California coast.  Parking at Noyo Headlands at the corner of Old Haul Road and Elm Road, we made our way towards the beach. The glass was not obviously visible from the trail above, so we decided to explore towards McKerricher State Park following a footpath going north. 


When we found out that we were going to Germany for a month, Italy was a natural destination for travel afterwards. Bursting with history, I wanted to show the kids another culture, another country, another time. Italy delivered. They experienced and saw so many new and old things that they had never seen before. We made many memories that we will all cherish for many years to come.

Rock City, Mount Diablo State Park, Danville

Great sculpted sandstone rocks to climb and conquer.  A short walk (less than a mile) from Live Oak Campground got us to a trail that gave us a view of three sculpted rocks: Wind Caves, Big Rock and Sentinel Rock.

Dewey Point, Yosemite National Park, California

Our October hike to Dewey Point took us under towering mossy trees, some meadowlands and three stream crossings. One stream had a wooden bridge built over it which kept us all dry. The other two stream crossings had makeshift logs put into place over the stream. We managed across the streams, with only one of us getting our foot wet. The hike under trees went on for over 4 miles before we saw a clearing indicating the granite canyon ahead.  If you love hiking under trees, you'll love this hike!


A few summers ago (summer 2015), my husband got­­­ an opportunity to travel to Munich, Germany for a month long work exchange. We excitedly jumped at the opportunity to tag along and prepared to explore all that Germany had to offer.