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Nordlingen, Bavaria, Germany

Nordlingen is an 1100 year old Bavarian town along the Romantic Road that was built inside a meteor crater. The meteorite impacted the area 14 million years ago, creating a 24km wide crater, called the Ries Crater. A few towns are built inside the crater, one of which is Nordlingen.

Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany

Our first weekend stop was at a colorful small Bavarian town named Mittenwald.  Mittenwald caught my attention because of a hike on a see-through metal bridge high above the gorge Leutaschklamm at rather dizzying heights.  I found this website to be helpful for our Leutaschklamm hike. The hike from Mittenwald town to Leutaschklamm was about 1 hour each way.

Munich (Munchen), Bavaria, Germany

Munich Downtown

We stayed in Munich for a month.  Of course, we visited Marienplatz, the main square of Munich since the 1100s.  Back then, it held a market as well as other tournaments and celebrations.  This is also where a very ornate clock tower (Glockenspiel) puts on a show two to three times a day.  Just around the corner is Frauenkirche, a city cathedral dating back to the 12th century.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Our many hikes in New Mexico was complemented by our visit to the city of Santa Fe. Located an hour away from Albuquerque, Santa Fe is the oldest and highest (elevation) US capital city. It was the capital of the three different countries that New Mexico has been part of in the last few hundred years: Spain, Mexico and presently U.S.A. The oldest standing church in USA (San Miguel) is situated here. We had a quick pizza meal in its courtyard. The church had admission fees of $1 per person over 6 years old. Across the street is the oldest house in United States. Admission is by donation.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

We explored Albuquerque, New Mexico in April 2015 during spring break. I was excited to take on the many National Parks and Monuments that dot the area surrounding both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Our trip to New Mexico came out to be one of the least expensive we have had thus far, grand totaling at just under $700 for a whole week of exploration for our family of five (includes flight, hotel and rental car). Feel free to check out our family travel budget tips and budget friendly tips - New Mexico!