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A few summers ago (summer 2015), my husband got­­­ an opportunity to travel to Munich, Germany for a month long work exchange. We excitedly jumped at the opportunity to tag along and prepared to explore all that Germany had to offer.

Castles of Bavaria, Germany

Castles of Bavaria

Germany is full of castles. In our month long adventure in Germany, we saw 5 castles, 4 in and around Munich and 1 castle two hours away. We purchased the 14 day castle pass for 2 or more people for 44 EU, which covered entry into all castles in the state of Bavaria. There is also an annual pass for 65 EU. Kids are admitted free into castles. So though it sounds like a no brainer, you might want to calculate whether it is a good deal for your situation. On our visit to castles, we saved about 15 EU to 20EU with the Castles Pass, since my husband was not always able to accompany us. Admission into the castles that we visited ranged from 6 EU to 12 EU per person. Here are the Castles we visited:

Lake Constance, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Lake Constance or Bodensee, by its German name, is the third largest central European lake that lies in 3 different countries (Switzerland, Germany and Austria), though no official border exists. The River Rhine flows into it. It is the source of drinking water for its surrounding area. Lake Constance offers boat rides for an economical price to its islands and shores. It is a popular (read busy) for German families on vacation, as we found out.

Berchtesgaden, Germany - Summer Luge Ride

Berchtesgaden sits on the border between Germany and Austria. There is both a town and a National Park by the same name. The attraction for us in Berchtesgaden is the summer luge ride (sommerrodelbahn - link is in German, I used Google Translate). At 2.50 EU per ride, it is hard to resist. There is a family ticket that allows 10 rides for 16 EU, which would have been our ticket of choice had we had more time. The old cable car ride (Obersalzbergbahn), though a little scary, (spoken by an acrophobe), afforded us beautiful views of Alps, as did the luge ride. You can hike or take the cable car to top for 10 EU both ways. 13 EU buys a person a cable car ride both ways, and 3 rides on the luge. Highly recommend getting the 13 EU package, because one ride is not enough. The only unfortunate thing is that they didn't allow bags on the luge, so we had to leave our bags in an unsecured place at top of luge run - which unfortunately prevented us from taking pictures of us actualy on the luge. Prices above as of July 2015.

Fussen, Bavaria, Germany

Füssen is a quaint little town in Bavaria. Most will know it as the town the train pulls into on your way to Disney-inspiring Neuschwantein castle. Füssen is a beautiful town in its own right, with cobble stone streets, a town wall, colorful homes and cozy alleyways. Not surprisingly, it is on the Romantic Road. We wandered around the town, mostly so we wouldn’t have to board the crowded buses to Neuschwanstein. I am glad we did. Not only did we explore a beautiful town, we also discovered a back way in to Neuschwanstein Castle.