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Berchtesgaden, Germany - Summer Luge Ride

Berchtesgaden sits on the border between Germany and Austria. There is both a town and a National Park by the same name. The attraction for us in Berchtesgaden is the summer luge ride (sommerrodelbahn - link is in German, I used Google Translate). At 2.50 EU per ride, it is hard to resist. There is a family ticket that allows 10 rides for 16 EU, which would have been our ticket of choice had we had more time. The old cable car ride (Obersalzbergbahn), though a little scary, (spoken by an acrophobe), afforded us beautiful views of Alps, as did the luge ride. You can hike or take the cable car to top for 10 EU both ways. 13 EU buys a person a cable car ride both ways, and 3 rides on the luge. Highly recommend getting the 13 EU package, because one ride is not enough. The only unfortunate thing is that they didn't allow bags on the luge, so we had to leave our bags in an unsecured place at top of luge run - which unfortunately prevented us from taking pictures of us actualy on the luge. Prices above as of July 2015.

Fussen, Bavaria, Germany

Füssen is a quaint little town in Bavaria. Most will know it as the town the train pulls into on your way to Disney-inspiring Neuschwantein castle. Füssen is a beautiful town in its own right, with cobble stone streets, a town wall, colorful homes and cozy alleyways. Not surprisingly, it is on the Romantic Road. We wandered around the town, mostly so we wouldn’t have to board the crowded buses to Neuschwanstein. I am glad we did. Not only did we explore a beautiful town, we also discovered a back way in to Neuschwanstein Castle.

Nuremberg (Nurnberg), Bavaria, Germany

Before our visit to Nuremberg, when I thought of Nuremberg, the Nuremberg War Trials came to mind. But after our visit there, I will think of the many medieval bridges that criss-cross the city. We walked along the Pegnitz River slowly making our escape from the tourist area and crossed 8 or 9 medieval bridges, all uniquely decorated and with their own stories. Some bridges had apartments on top of them which people lived in. Nuremberg also boasted a town wall, with some parts of it being lived in by people. They too have re-purposed their moat, making skateboard parks and playgrounds in it.

Nordlingen, Bavaria, Germany

Nordlingen is an 1100 year old Bavarian town along the Romantic Road that was built inside a meteor crater. The meteorite impacted the area 14 million years ago, creating a 24km wide crater, called the Ries Crater. A few towns are built inside the crater, one of which is Nordlingen.

Munich (Munchen), Bavaria, Germany

Munich Downtown

We stayed in Munich for a month.  Of course, we visited Marienplatz, the main square of Munich since the 1100s.  Back then, it held a market as well as other tournaments and celebrations.  This is also where a very ornate clock tower (Glockenspiel) puts on a show two to three times a day.  Just around the corner is Frauenkirche, a city cathedral dating back to the 12th century.