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O Canada! Canada has so much natural beauty to enjoy.  From snow-capped mountains that surround you, to teal blue glacier-fed lakes, to actual glaciers you can touch, Canada has so much to experience and appreciate. Here are a few amazing places we visited.

Kootenay National Park, British Columbia, Canada

Kootenay National Park is a smaller of the Rocky Mountains National Parks. If you paid the entrance fees at one of the other Rocky Mountain National Parks, that fee covers this park as well, as long as your entrance ticket is still valid, by date.  Kootenay borders Banff National Park on its (Banff's) southwestern boundary.  We drove through Kootenay National Park on our way home. Kootenay National Park, near Radium Hot Springs is also known for hot springs you can bathe in. Highway 93, the highway we took out of Banff led us directly towards our next two stops. 

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Banff National Park is a beautiful mountainous National Park in the Canadian Rockies that is easily accessible from the Calgary Airport.  Hikes in Banff seemed busier than in Jasper but not shoulder to shoulder as we have experienced in our closest National Park, Yosemite, on a weekend. There are many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops in Banff. I suspect many travelers fly into Calgary, drive to Banff and make their way to Jasper via the Icefields Parkway. All the mountain parks here are grizzly and black bear habitat.  We carried bear spray in a harness on our belt on all our hikes and my littlest son made plenty of noise to scare off any bears that might not smell us coming. No bear encounters on our hikes.

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

We started our travel into the Canadian Rockies from the town of Jasper in mid-June 2016. Temperatures in Jasper were cool, around 37-45F (3-7C). We realized quickly that gas prices in Alberta was more affordable compared to Northern British Columbia, even in a remote National Park. Though busy, we did not have any trouble with parking, and the crowds were pretty light compared to our closest National Park, Yosemite (though we traveled through the Canadian Rockies on weekdays). Since these parks are a natural habitat for both grizzly and black bears, we carried bear spray with us on all our hikes, though we did not have any encounters. Given the cool weather, we layered thin fleece jackets to keep warm, which we easily shed when we warmed up.  There is a town of Jasper that has amenities such as hotels, gas and restaurants.

Kettle Valley Railway/Othello Tunnels Hike, Hope, British Columbia, Canada

Just two hours from the bright lights of Vancouver (British Columbia) lies this small town which acts as a gateway to the Fraser Canyon. Hope has been a place we have just passed through in the past, but this time due to a hotel issue along the way, we arrived in Hope with enough time for a hike.