Castles of Bavaria, Germany



Castles of Bavaria

Germany is full of castles. In our month long adventure in Germany, we saw 5 castles, 4 in and around Munich and 1 castle two hours away. We purchased the 14 day castle pass for 2 or more people for 44 EU, which covered entry into all castles in the state of Bavaria. There is also an annual pass for 65 EU. Kids are admitted free into castles. So though it sounds like a no brainer, you might want to calculate whether it is a good deal for your situation. On our visit to castles, we saved about 15 EU to 20EU with the Castles Pass, since my husband was not always able to accompany us. Admission into the castles that we visited ranged from 6 EU to 12 EU per person. Here are the Castles we visited:

Neuschwanstein – built by King Ludwig II, this castle is the inspiration of the Disney Castle. Tours are by reservation only. Get tickets early (available online) as we learned the hard way. Don’t miss the Marienbrucke bridge for a one of a kind view of the castle. We enjoyed a horse carriage ride down from Neuschwanstein. There is a hiking trail uphill as well, which I believe takes about an hour to complete, but we did not have enough time. Food and gelato was readily available just below the castle, but on the expensive side.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria - the Inspiration of Disney Castle

Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany - the Inspiration of the Walt Disney Castle


Nymphenburg – beautiful, huge castle with many buildings outside from the main castle. Don’t miss the Carriage Museum. Beautiful grounds for a nice walk. Plan to spend most of the day there if you want to see everything.

Nymphenburg Castle, Munich, Germany

Nymphenburg Castle, Munich, Germany


Residenz - in downtown Munich, the center of government and royal palace of Bavarian dukes and electors from the 1500s to the 1900s. The Antiquarium is a must see!

Antiquarium at Residenz Palace, Munich, Germany

Antiquarium at Residenz Palace, Munich, Germany


Blutenberg – houses the International Youth Library, a nice way to spend an hour or two curled up with a book, overlooking the courtyard, in a castle with a water-filled moat around it. Admission fee of 1 EU/adult into the library. Kids under 12 free.

Castle with water-filled moat around it, Blutenburg Castle, near Munich Germany 

Castle with water-filled moat around it, Blutenburg Castle, near Munich Germany


Schleissheim – 3 castle buildings for the price of one. We admired the beautiful garden canals while taking a snack break. We enjoyed the part of the castle that housed the castle staff where people can now rent to live.

Admiring Schleissheim Castle from the garden, near Munich Germany

Admiring Schleissheim Castle, near Munich, Germany


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