Berry Creek Falls, Big Basin State Park



Our first trip to Berry Creek Falls was an unsuccessful one. In an attempt to make the hike a loop, we unknowingly went off on an equestrian trail and couldn't find our intersection for the hike to the Falls. One good thing that came out of that long hike - we realized that bikes are allowed on the relatively flat Skyline to Sea trail. 

Biking the first 5 miles to Berry Creek Falls, Big Basin State Park

Biking the first 5 miles to Berry Creek Falls, Big Basin State Park


So our next attempt was with our bikes. We parked at Waddell Beach parking lot, crossed Hwy 1, and headed in towards Rancho Del Oso. The first part of the Skyline to Sea trail was paved, allowing for overnight hikers to park their shuttles there. Beyond this, was still a road, a packed gravel one now, allowing for residents of the private property to get home. The “road” part of the hike was probably about a mile or so. Look out for cars! Then came the forest. Lots of canopying trees kept us mostly shaded while we walked along the stream. Foot bridges got us safely over the stream when we needed to cross it. Though mostly flat, there were parts that had short sections of switchbacks going up or down a slope. Being beginners, we walked our bikes through these sections. The trail was muddy in some places, but we soon learned that it was much more fun to ride through the mud than to trudge through walking our bikes. A few downed trees greeted us as well. 

The bridge enforcing the "No Bikes" sign, bike rack available at this point

The bridge enforcing the "No Bikes" sign, bike rack available at this point

 Walking through an oasis of ferns towards Berry Creek Falls

 Walking through an oasis of ferns towards Berry Creek Falls

The Skyline to Sea Trail intersected with Berry Creek Falls Trail. At the time we went, Skyline To Sea trail was closed at this point. Luckily we wanted to go onto Berry Creek Trail, and so we followed our trail up the hill. As we approached closer, a sign indicated that bikes were not allowed beyond that point. There was a bike lock rack just prior to crossing the stream on a wooden boardwalk. We found a few rocks to sit on for some lunch before we went beyond.

Berry Creek Falls

Berry Creek Falls

Approaching Berry Creek Falls

Approaching the top of Berry Creek Falls


After having a spam musubi lunch, we headed up the hill. We walked through a section of bright green ferns before getting a glimpse of the falls from afar. It was a beautiful falls, from the wooden overlook we stood on. After taking some pics, we went up the trail a little further to see the top of the falls. We headed back towards our bikes soon after, not realizing that there are 3 more waterfalls upstream, at least according to the map at the trailhead. We came across a couple of walk-in campsites too along the Skyline to Sea section of trail, if that is of interest.


Practical Information (as of May 2017):

Fees: free

Features:  Hike or bike under a canopy of trees to Berry Creek Falls

Hike: biked 10 miles + hiked 2 miles roundtrip, 300-400 ft elev change, (the last mile to and from Berry Creek Falls, bikes are not allowed; Hikers welcome too for the entire trail

Directions: Parked at Waddell Beach parking area (just north of Davenport), crossed Hwy 1 towards Rancho Del Oso, hopped on to Skyline to Sea Trail, then followed Berry Creek Falls trail to waterfalls

Amenities: vault toilet at parking lot and near trailhead


Warning:  All listed adventures come with inherent risks. The information provided is based on personal experience which may or may not be typical. The safety of these adventures are dependent on a variety of factors including but not limited to: terrain, weather, wildlife, hiker skill level, human error, preparation and other foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. As such, we do not assume any liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.  As such, we will not be held responsible for any harm, injury, and/or loss that may result. Your personal preparation and judgement on the safety of each adventure is required at all times. Please use your own discretion and always be safe.

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