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Houston, Texas, USA

Space Center Houston

If you are interested in space and space exploration, Space Center Houston is a  must-see.  Where else can you see "Mission Control" of so many of our flights into space.  As we arrived at the parking lot of the Space Center, we spotted an exhibit being built.  A Space Shuttle was being placed on the back of a 747. It made for a pretty cool picture.  Online tickets to the Space Center saved us $3 per person and a wait in line to purchase tickets.  Parking was readily available when we arrived around 10:30am.  Parking cost was around $6, if I remember correctly. 

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio

The Alamo is an historic building located in downtown San Antonio. It was walking distance from the River walk and admission is free. Its hours are 9:30 to 5:30pm. It used to be a mission and contains Spanish, Mexican and American history. The fortifying walls served many functions, from apartments to hospital to priest residence to soldier barracks over its almost 300 year history. According to the information boards in the Alamo, when Texas was part of Mexico, the Mexican government was fearful that Texas would become more American than Mexican, due to large volumes of American immigrants from neighboring Louisiana.

Austin, Texas, USA

Our first stop in Austin was the Westcave Preserve. We went on the canyon tour (available on weekends only - $25/family). An informative guide took us down to the box canyon, grotto and cave. The small cave contained stalagtites and stalagmites, which eventually join together to form columns and walls. We went for the 10am tour on a cool day (50F) so our family had a private tour. The tour group after us was 16 people large. We were told by the guide that on warmer days, pit vipers do make an appearance. The tour took 1.5 hours for a 1 mile return trip. We also did the 1 mile Uplands hike up above which was included in the $25 fee. The Uplands tour was nothing to write home about, except that it gave us an idea of what central Texas grasslands look like, which we always appreciate.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Attractions on the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip itself offers free and inexpensive entertainment for families and adults alike.  One thing I've always loved about Las Vegas is that it gives you an opportunity to pretend that you are in a different place.  Many hotels offer replicas of European buildings and monuments.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Off-Strip Attractions and Hiking

Most of us think of Las Vegas as a place for adults to party and gamble. While that may still be true, Las Vegas has something to offer to families with kids as well.  Since we have relatives in Las Vegas, my family (kids and all) go there at least once a year. We have been visiting Las Vegas even before our relatives moved there - for the sunshine. What did we do in Las Vegas to enjoy the sun?