About Us

I have always been passionate about traveling. My husband has since joined me in this passion, and together with our 3 boys, we are out to discover the world, one step at a time. We love National Parks, Science Centers, Museums of Natural History, Historic Preserves, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and anywhere that will get us closer to understanding the world that surrounds us. Through travel, we hope to instill in our kids a sense of awe and wonder at the amazing Earth that we call home, and our place in it as fellow human beings. It is through travel that I have learned to appreciate home and all the comforts that come with it. I hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures! Feel free to leave us a comment or share your experiences.

Westcave Grotto - just outside of Austin TX
Westcave Grotto - just outside of Austin TX


We are a typical middle class family living in United States who travel part-time, whenever our schedules allow.  We have 3 kids in school, all with their respective interests and extra-curricular activities.  We live in a mortgaged home base on the West Coast of United States, have car payments and really can't afford to spend all of our disposable income on traveling.  So we find creative ways to travel on a budget, more so now that we have kids. I learned a long time ago that travel can be expensive. I also realized that there is usually a less expensive way to enjoy an experience. Our typical trip nowadays involves domestic travel within United States for a week, costing $1000 or less, which includes flights, accommodations, rental car and entertainment for the five of us. We love to travel and we do it every chance we get, usually about 3-4 times a year for weeklong trips, about 12 times a year if you count long weekends and more if you count local trips.  We don't travel abroad often at this point, only when opportunity knocks. To be able to travel as often as our schedules allow, I try to find as many deals as I can. Feel free to check out my budget tips

We are active travelers and we enjoy hiking and the outdoors. I view hiking as a way to explore and experience an area more intimately in its natural setting. We usually try to incorporate at least a 3 to 6 mile hike in most of our trips in order to explore an area a little better, and sometimes as a mode of transport. Hopefully, as our youngest son gets older, we will be able to do longer hikes. We tend to also favor outdoor exploring vs indoor, so hiking fits in very well with our travel style. 


Climbing into a Cliff Dwelling circa 1200's at Bandelier National Monument, near Albuquerque, NM

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
Hiking in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington                                                                     

 Matera Gravina HikeHiking in Gravina canyon, in Matera, Italy, a canyon that contains 9000 year old cave dwellings.